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Who We Are

Mission and Vision

Mission: Étoile Academy Charter School ensures that every student in grades 5 through 8 has the academic and character foundation necessary to succeed in high school, graduate from college, and pursue ambitious life goals.

Vision: Étoile Academy Charter School is founded on the belief that all students can achieve academic success and a college diploma with the right supports. Our educational philosophy is based in seven core principles. These core principles come from the best practices of successful charter schools nationwide. Our core principles are outlined below.

  • High academic expectations for all students inform every school design element.
  • Supportive, targeted interventions for all learners are frequent and required.
  • Data-driven, quality instruction informs all classroom instruction, individual supports, and professional development needs.
  • Highly structured routines, infused with joy and encouragement, support achievement.
  • Intentional character development allows all students to build school and life success.
  • Family involvement, driven by a clear mission, unites the entire school community.
  • Measurable educational goals hold all adults accountable for student success.


What Our Name Means

  • Étoile (pronounced e–TWAL) means "star" in French. Coming from Houston’s space history as well as the migration of New Orleans’ French culture to the city, the name has several meanings for our school.
  • Students at Étoile Academy are reaching for their most ambitious life goals (the highest star).
  • Students will gain exposure to new experiences, languages, cultures, and broaden their horizons at Étoile Academy.
  • Students at Étoile Academy will learn French as a language in 8th grade and will have the opportunity to travel to a French speaking country.

Étoile Academy holds members of the school community—students, families, and staff—to the highest standards. To provide the very best education for Étoile Academy students, all of us must work together to create an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence. In addition, we will work to prepare students with the values that will lead to success in college and their career. Therefore, we must collectively and consistently ensure that Étoile Academy students display our core values.


Our Core Values

  • Respect: We respect all members of our community and ourselves.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Ambition: We are motivated to continuously improve and to reach our goals.
  • Community: We take care of each other, our school, our city, our state, and our country.
  • Hard work: There are no shortcuts to success. We work hard each and every day.

2018 Budget

2018-2019 Student Handbook

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