Distance Learning

Étoile students and parents know how important it is to keep learning, regardless of where you are. Here’s how we’re handling distance learning.

Each week you will have assignments to complete on Google Classroom and short lesson videos to watch. Your exit tickets and assessments will be graded. You will need to complete all of them (do now, exit tickets, assessments) successfully to pass your classes.

Below is an outline of what you can expect from your teachers and Etoile staff during this time. We have also included a suggested schedule for you and tips for working from home. Please join office hours (for your teachers or leaders) if you have any questions or additional concerns.

Each day, your teachers will be on Google Hangout to answer your questions about the work. You can log on to the Google Hangout anytime during their Office Hours. The schedule for daily office hours is below.

Suggested Student Schedule:

Teacher Contact Numbers

Lexia Core Login

Username: First two letters of first name and your last name (John Smith would be josmith)
Password: lexia0
Lexia Core 5 (5th Grade): https://www.lexiacore5.com/
Lexia PowerUp (6th & 7th Grade): https://www.lexiapowerup.com/

Pearson Login: https://etoile.smhost.net

Reading Plus: www.login.readingplus.com (site code: rpetoil1)

ThinkCerca: https://www.thinkcerca.com/
Use your Google ID to sign into ThinkCerca

Google Classroom: classroom.google.com
Use your etoile email and password

In addition, you will have two mandatory Advisory Check-ins on Google Hangouts each week. These will be with a group of students from your grade and one teacher. Below are the groupings for these Google Hangouts. Your teacher will connect with you to make sure you know when these will happen and how to get on.

TeacherAdvisory GroupingsGoogle Code
Endya BaileyAltamirano through Gonzalez (TAMU)
Mora through Urias (PV)
Jorge ValenzuelaGutierrez through Zavala (TAMU)
Castillo through Galvez (Rice)
(TAMU) f4qzei6
(Rice) wedolue
Amber DanielAmaya through Dominguez (Columbia)
Rodas through White (UH)
Jerome BlockmonGable through Wilson (Columbia) rm234nm
Mia Rutledge Acevedo through Mermea (PV)uxtqig6
Jahaira Marrero Adely through Reyes (UH) ahbpifs
Kristen RayBarron through Ortiz (LSU) 56lopjl
Rachel Dacus Osorto through Zahery (LSU)
Almeida through Borja (Rice) 
Leah Nance Geronimo through Youngblood (Rice) mvsbvhe